Discussion with Richard Anderson on Women's Digital Financial Inclusion

As part of our research on women’s digital and financial inclusion, ITU FinTech Center in collaboration with Dr. Maryam Mustafa at the Interactive Media Lab hosted two roundtables with Microfinance Institutions and health organizations from public and private sector. They identified challenges and opportunities for creating sustainable technological solutions for under-resourced communities particularly women. The roundtable meetings were attended by members of the teams that directly interact with the customers from various MFIs to identify problems for future research in women's financial inclusion. These included SeedOut, DAMEN, RCTP, Kaawish Foundation. representatives from Benazir Income Support Program and Lady Health Workers. NGOs from health sector included Bali Memorial Trust, Al Khidmat Foundation and Medicare Foundation. The goals of the discussions were to understand the challenges faced by health-focused organizations on ground and pave the way for future work by facilitating grassroots organizations in their endeavors through technological research. It also helped in identifying new research areas, and challenges to advance future work. The sessions were joined by Dr. Richard Anderson, Professor at University of Washington, and ITU faculty members including Dr. Maryam Mustafa, Ms. Lubna Razaq and Ms. Amna Batool as well as research team of FinTech Center.

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Discussion with Richard Anderson
on women’s digital financial inclusion


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